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What Baseball Can Teach Us About Ethics

By Matthew Kastel and Jordan Kobritz From ethikos magazine Every era has its own fads and crazes, such as the hula hoop, hush puppies or seer- sucker suits. Today’s favorite flavor seems to be schooling future businessmen on ethics. Try earning a business degree—at any level—these days without taking at least one class in ethics. […]

Emerging Risk Management Presentation – 2011 Audit and Compliance Committee Conference

This is a presentation from the 2011 Audit and Compliance Committee Conference, which has a lot of great information that is still very relevant.  It includes topics such as: simplifying definitions for risk and risk management on key principles, identifying and discussing key drivers, defining the roles of Governance and management in ERM, discussing practical implementation […]

10 Business Risk Reduction Principles

By Roy Snell Avoiding Risk of Any Kind Whatsoever May Require Some Tough Choices. So…you are looking to reduce risk in your organization or you are starting a business and would like to find a fail-safe way to keep risk at bay. Well, perhaps you should consider these 10 Risk Reduction Principles to help […]

Compliance and Quality Connection

By David Hoffman From Compliance Today, a publication for HCCA members. In preparing for a lecture to my Regulating Patient Safety class at the Earle Mack School of  Law at Drexel University, I came across a very interesting article titled “High-Reliability Health Care: Getting There from Here.” [i] High-reliability science is the study of organizations […]

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    Keep 'Em Coming

    Posted in: HIPAA

    Over 50+ responses to the survey about attending the CI. Keep 'em coming...very good feedback. ...

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    Notice - Study Group

    Posted in: HIPAA

    Keep an eye out for a notice on a CHC study group kickoff meeting. This is a very good...

  • Hollie Seaton

    RE: CHC Exam

    Posted in: CHC Study Group

    Congrats! Way to go!

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    Looking for Kym G.

    Posted in: Chief Compliance and...

    Kym G., I received your message and when I tried to contact you, the HCCAnet messaging...

  • Tomi Hagan

    RE: Audit Protocol Worksheet Review in 8 minute...

    Posted in: HIPAA

    Frank, So sorry I couldn't make the session today - I have spent the last two days absolutely...

  • Tomi Hagan

    RE: Exit Interview Questions

    Posted in: Chief Compliance and...

    We used to require employees to sign an "affirmation of shared behaviors", which had a compliance...

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    RE: Audit Protocol Worksheet Review in 8 minute...

    Posted in: HIPAA for Business...

    Hi Frank. Sorry I wasn't able to join the session today. I hope to be able to review...