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  • Posted in: HIPAA

    Carl, In my experience, there are of course many factors to consider and each case is different, but the big perhaps universal issue has been whether SSNs have been disclosed. Depending on the amount of and level of other banking/account/financial/billing ...

  • Posted in: HIPAA

    Linda, What criteria causes an organization to decide to offer credit monitoring services (whatever flavor that may be)? If you sent an EOB to the wrong address would that do it? Or does it have to be something bigger? Or does the count of those affected ...

  • Posted in: HIPAA

    So why didn't the police officer just walk up to the patient and draw the blood? Who was going to physically stop him? Did the hospital have guards or something? Why did the police officer even care what Wubbles had to say? If he could draw the blood, ...

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